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11:03 a.m. 2016-01-09

It has finally got cold, and I think my peachfronted conures are indoors for the winter. I used to keep them outdoors in the flights all year round with the help of heat lamps, but Courtney is a very macho bird and often refuses to use the heat lamp. So if he sleeps away from the warm nest box, Dale is pulled out of the box to snuggle next to him because, well, mad crazy conure snuggle-lurve is apparently hotter than the heat lamp.

Now that the birds have passed the quarter century mark, I'm really concerned about their ability to judge hot and cold. I think Courtney has lost the ability to understand when it's cold. It happens to humans that we lose our heat or cold tolerance with age, so maybe it isn't surprising that it might happen with conures. In any case, I no longer feel safe assuming they know best about whether or not to use the heat lamps. So I'm keeping them inside any time the overnight temperature drops below 50.

I have the dining room with the indoor winter cages completely given over to the birds at the moment. It's actually pretty cool to hear Courtney ringing his bell promptly at 4:30 to nudge me to bring him his dinner.

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