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9:18 a.m. 2012-07-31

west nile warning

West Nile Encephalitis is deadly to birds and other living things. It's that time of year when the West Nile mosquito is active in our area. Here's a checklist to keep you and your peachfronted conures safe from this killer disease:

  1. Don't allow dirty water to collect near the house. Dump out bird baths every day. Keep fish in your ponds to eat the mosquito larva. I know that the herons eat your fish. So keep an eye out and keep those feeder fish stocked! If you are using expensive koi or goldfish, you may have to use screens to protect from the herons.
  2. If you have empty containers, be they as small as old flower pots or as large as portable swimming pools, don't allow them to sit and collect old water. Throw 'em out if you can't maintain 'em. Craigslist might be a good place to donate your still useable items that you yourself don't have time to use.
  3. Outdoor aviaries are great -- IF they are properly screened for mosquitoes.
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