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8:20 p.m. 2012-06-29

june 30, 2003

Speaking of the Atlantic tropical storm season, here is the bird aviary after Tropical Storm Bill on June 30, 2003.

crushed aviary under pin oak tree
© 2003 roger williams & elaine radford

The astonishing thing is that even though we lost the hot tub, aviary, and the back end of the house, we didn't lose a single bird. Somehow 20,000 pounds of red pin oak danced and shimmied all around us, although my husband was actually tapped on the back by one of the branches that pierced the ceiling of the great room.

I guess you would expect any Aratinga conure to raise the roof after a trauma like that, as their cages were completely destroyed and had to be removed, along with the entire bird aviary. Nope, my sturdy Peachfront Conures were good as gold, or maybe they were just a little quiet because they were hoping to go unnoticed by whatever savage deity we may have angered during that very wet, very windy tropical storm.

Timmy, the sensitive bird who was normally a bit neurotic and plucky, because he was mostly a single bird, actually became a healthy, non-plucking bird for quite a while. Go figure that out. It was like some shock to the system, which transformed him into a different bird. Of course, as happens with all of us, eventually we backslide back into the old personality...and so did Timmy.

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