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6:48 p.m. 2012-08-09

road trip

Should you take your Peachfronted Conures on vacation? Why not? If the only time they get in the carrier is for hurricane evacuations and vet trips, then they're not going to be so easy to get in the carrier next time, now are they? I do not recommend traveling by air with birds. There's just too much that can go wrong. If you have to fly over an ocean or something, my site is not the place to get information, because I've never done that. However, here are a few thoughts for a successful road trip.

  • Heat stress can be the greatest threat when you're traveling with pet birds. I will assume that you've done a pre-vacation check, so you know that your exhaust, air-conditioning, and so on is working fine in the car. However, we all know that breakdowns happen. While I have no control over the fact that hurricane evacuations probably happen in August or September, I can plan vacation travel for more temperate times.
  • Have plenty of food, clean water, treats, and a blankie they can chew. Yes, I know the water always spills. That's why you have to add more at your frequent rest stops. Have some pieces of satsuma or another juicy citrus for them to chew on while you're driving.
  • My Peachfronts are not usually very noisy. However, if I'm coming to an area where I know there will be traffic and plenty of big rigs passing by, then it's time to pull the blanket over the carriers to block their view. You don't want them to get upset and start squawking up a storm just when you're entering some unfamiliar city's noon rush.
  • Are you sure you have a place to stay that accepts Peachfront Conures as guests? Your friends and relatives will probably be pretty easy-going, but if you've reserved a spot at a house-proud business owner's B and B, it might be another question. Have it in writing what the extra costs are if you are bringing your pets.
  • MOST IMPORTANT: NEVER leave a Peachfronted Conure alone in a locked car. Your helpless pet could be dead of heat stroke within moments in summer.
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