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7:33 p.m. 2014-07-01

The Peachfronted Conures Weigh In: Lafeber Tropical Fruit Nutriberries for Conures

I recently decided to give Lafeber's Gourmet Tropical Fruit Nutri-Berries for Conures a try as an alternative to the Zupreem FruitBlend for Parrots & Conures that I've been using for years. It's no slam against Zupreem but sometimes my conures go through a whacky phase when they refuse to eat all the yellow ones or all the green ones or all the red ones...

You don't have that issue with Nutriberries. And the Tropical Fruit blend turned out to have a delightful papaya, mango, and pineapple smell that impressed me from the start.

Ronnie and Sheldon, who are usually the picky eaters, always go directly down to their bowl and start eating these Tropical Fruit nutriberries right away. Courtney hates to admit that I can do anything right, but eventually he and Dale also make sure not to leave any nutriberries uneaten in the bowl.


How did I forget to mention the biggest selling point of these nutriberries? The peachfront conures and even the yellow-crowned Amazons do NOT soak them -- at least they haven't been soaking them over the first couple months of the test. In hot weather, it's really great that they let their water stay clean longer. I'm sometimes changing the water every hour in hot weather with other kinds of pellets, because the birds can't resist soaking them and then it makes a disgusting-looking soup that I become convinced is just a bacterial mess waiting to happen.

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