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10:55 a.m. 2012-04-12

a macho display

Courtney, the first male Peachfront I ever hatched, is a high testosterone little bird. He likes to impress the girls, Dale and especially Ronnie, by terrorizing my Yellow-Crowned Amazon, Cookie. Here's the technique: Courtney will quietly, sinisterly, climb up the side of his indoor cage closest to Cookie, and then quietly sinisterly, slide back down as slowly and in as controlled a manner as possible -- all the while giving Cookie a meaningful glare and stare. He never utters a word as he slithers up and down. He doesn't have to. The first time Courtney made the move, Cookie was so freaked that he squawked for help. Poor baby. He's a paltry four or five times Courtney's weight, so you understand why he would be intimidated. "You can't let him psych you out like that," I said, but I covered Cookie's cage to protect him from the dreaded avian menace, and Cookie began to purr with satisfaction, and now it was Courtney's turn to gripe. He hung upside-down and craned his little head from every angle to try to find a peephole under Cookie's blanket. Hey, he'll try anything when it's showing off to girls that's involved.

More recently, we have installed a fancy pants roostbox in Cookie's cage. He no longer squawks for help when Courtney begins the macho display. Instead, he just ignores it, refusing to acknowledge that he cares about the opinion of a mere bird. (Cookie is blissfully unaware that he is himself a bird. Hey, he walks and speaks English, so he's a people, right?)

Then, when Cookie finally can't take it any more, he hides himself in the nestbox. Party over for one show-off male Peachfront. Oh, Courtney can continue to display, but if Cookie didn't see it, you can't prove it ever happened.

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