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8:47 a.m. 2012-06-24

a lost pet scam

I would hope that everybody in the entire world by now is aware of the lost pet scam where somebody responds to your lost pet notice by claiming the Peachfronted Conure (or parrot or dog or cat or whatever you lost) got into their 18 wheeler, and they are 10 states away, and they would love to ship your pet back to you, but they've already spent hundreds of dollars on vet care and then there's air freight to ship your pet back.

But, just in case, yo: This "trucker" doesn't have your pet. He probably doesn't even have a truck. This is a scam that has been going on since at least the early 1990s. Don't send these people money UNTIL you get your pet back.

What really peeves me off is the idiots who feed this scam. OK, you made a serious mistake, and you lost your pet. Don't make a second serious mistake by advertising a huge reward. All you do is make it profitable for scammers to hang out on the "lost pet" pages. I've had people in my area offer $500 rewards. At that price, you make it profitable for lowlifes to actually break in and steal somebody's pet. Don't offer huge rewards. A decent person won't accept it, so you're only putting out scam-bait.

Think about it. Did YOU ever take a reward for finding somebody's pet? Sure, maybe twenty bucks for the food, but other than that? No, you didn't. Because you're a good person. If a good person finds your pet, they actually have your pet and they care. But the guy checking the classified ads for distant states is just looking for idiots and suckers. Don't encourage that. Thank you, rant over now. Whew.

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