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10:04 a.m. 2012-06-07

and a few more tips on keeping it clean

Yet more tips from BIRD TALK readers who responded to a survey published in the 1994 issue of the magazine. These practical tips represent an action you can take today to make it easier to keep your bird area clean.

Many bird owners install some kind of barrier to protect walls and carpets from messy birds. Michigan resident Gale Willett cuts the top off a plastic milk jug, lays it on its side, and puts the feed cup inside to keep her zebra finches and other small birds from flinging seed out of their cages. California resident Shirley Farnsworth uses 4-by-8-foot Masonite under cages and playpens to protect her carpet. New York state reader Debbie Gray cuts strips of plastic sheets and places them under the areas where the birds spend a lot of time outside their cages. Other carpet protectors include such items as plastic shower curtains, Plexiglas panels and the clear plastic mats many companies place under office chairs.

I found this advice more useful when I was a renter. As a homeowner with allergies, I just had all the carpet removed and replaced it with hardwood, tile, or Pergo floors. The bird porch actually has a cement floor. It's a little hard to scrub but nothing like worrying about a carpet.

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