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10:12 a.m. 2012-08-28

hurricane isaac update #2

I placed some visual barriers -- normal people might call them baby blankets -- between my Yellow-crowned Amazon Cookie and the four Peachfronted Conures. As I placed the blanket between Courtney's temporary cage and Cookie's indoor cage, Cookie burst out laughing. I haven't heard a good belly laugh out of Cookie ever since that cheatin' Blue Jay broke his heart a couple weeks back. It was good to hear. I could see that Courtney continued to display for a short while, but it's hard to impress the ladies that you're intimidating the bigger bird when nobody can see the bigger bird.

Cookie came out and exercised on his play gym, everyone had a snack of peaches, and then the Peachfronts started getting sleepy. Probably because there isn't much to do in their hurricane cages if they're deprived of the opportunity to tease the Amazon. I have now cut some mulberry branches off the unsprayed tree and given everybody something to chew. Cookie leapt on the project right away, and I'm confident that others will follow.

No rain, not a really unreasonable amount of wind. Yet.

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