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9:29 a.m. 2012-07-17

the golden-crowned conure?

Three of the old books in my collection are the 1979 reprint of the 1972 Blandford Press publication, Encyclopedia of Aviculture, by A. Rutgers and K. A. Norris, a three volume set. I don't know why Rutgers and Norris don't rate to have their full names used. I suppose that the usual reason of the day was that they were women, but both of them? Both women? In aviculture? In the 1960s? It seems unlikely. And now that I checked Amazon, I find that at least one of them had the very male name of Abrams...so I'm more perplexed than ever.

The original edition was in Dutch, and perhaps their names might have been perceived as "too Dutch" or "too foreign" for the Blandford Press British bird-keeper of the day?

But that isn't the only curiosity about names in this book. Here, the second volume covers the parrots, and in this volume we find the Peachfronted Conure called the Golden-crowned Conure or the Half-Moon Conure. Half-Moon Conure is just plain wrong, as it refers to the Orange-fronted Conure, a completely different species. As for Golden-crowned Conure, I never hear that name any more, but it's worth knowing about in case you ever encounter it in the older literature.

The illustrations, both of them, the black and white sketch, and the color painting, are funky too. Can't quite put my finger on it. The birds seem too...stolid or heavy somehow. The colors are right, the general shape is right, but...they just don't capture the grace of the bird.

The parrot information is in volume 2 of this three volume set, which you can order from Amazon by clicking right here: Encyclopaedia of Aviculture: v. 2

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