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4:49 p.m. 2012-04-25

still hating on the fire ants

I am saddened to report that Amdro, the only product I have ever found that kills fire ants, doesnít seem to be wiping out this yearís furious invasion of fire ants. On an apparently-defunct bird care site, I read that cider vinegar can disrupt the hormones of ants. Hmmm. I have long known that if you put a dab of white vinegar on a fire ant bite within 10 minutes of being bitten, you wonít get a red bite mark there, and it wonít itch. It will be like you never got bit. Iíve always understood that this was because vinegar neutralized formic acid, which is what makes ant bites sting. SoÖsince I have a small bottle of cider vinegar for cooking, and a huge, honking, oversized, I-can-barely-lift-it bottle of white vinegar for cleaning and treating fire ant bites, I decided to pour a whole lot of white vinegar on an ant hill that has failed to respond to Amdro. Because itís getting scary out there, and you do NOT want fire ants messing with your Peachfront Conures or any other birdies. I also washed the entire floor of the bird porch, first with regular soap and water, but then afterward with lots of white vinegar. Take that, fire ants! Iíll report back.

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