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8:42 a.m. 2012-05-18

another fire ant experiment

Time for another update on the fire ant wars. The white vinegar seems to have destroyed the fire ant nest in the hummingbird garden -- the one scarily near the Peachfront Conure porch. Thing is, the last time I went grocery shopping, I found that the cider vinegar was cheaper than the white vinegar, and it wasn't even close. Well, as it happens, there is a huge honkin' humongous fire ant mound on the border of our front lawn and our next door neighbor's, which the neighbor's lawn service already tried to treat with poison. No ants were perturbed or disturbed by the poison, and I was worried about our Eastern Bluebirds and other wild breeding birds that might pick up the pellets. So, last night, I poured out most of a jug of cider vinegar on this multiple, boiling fire ant mound complex.

I just checked the area, approximately 18 hours later. The fire ants are gone. And the grass has turned brown. Uh oh. The grass didn't turn brown on the mound where I used white vinegar, so I guess I'd advise that you spend a little more and go with the white vinegar. It's still way cheaper than dangerous "professional" chemicals that don't even work.

Update a couple of days later: Now the area has turned yellow. The ants are still gone but really...? Does cider vinegar alone really do all that? Or may I suppose that it's the synergy of the previous chemicals from the lawn service, plus the formic acid in the boiling ant mound, plus the cider vinegar?

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