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9:55 a.m. 2012-06-18

clip those wings!

If you've read my free book on safety online, you've read this:

I've heard every excuse in the book. "I feel like I'm crippling him." "She gets upset when I clip her wings." It's true that birds that move primarily by flight — canaries, finches, and softbills — shouldn't have their wings clipped, but parrots are in a different category. They exercise primarily by climbing, reserving flight for when they're startled or traveling long distances. An inability to fly doesn't handicap them one bit in a safe home environment. In fact, many flighted hookbills prefer to walk, climb, or be carried around, and they may complain vociferously when asked to fly to their owners instead of being fetched.

So, all that is very true, and to prevent a startled bird from getting lost, most pet parrots, in most situations, do better with clipped wings.

And, yet, my peachfronted conures do not have clipped wings. I know, do as I say and not as I do. For most people, it is just too much, with too many people going all different directions in the home, to allow the conures to be wandering around with unclipped wings. Startle a bird the wrong way, one time, and it's out the door or window. We are two relatively quiet, laid-back, computer-oriented people, so we think we are careful, quiet, and aware enough that nobody is going to stupidly leave a window open at the same time a Peachfront Conures sees a cat and decides to launch an attack. We are betting on being right, every day, for 30 years. Since our youngest is over 20 now, we think we made a good bet. But it's a lot of stress, work, and worry. For most people, most times, just clip the wings properly and be a little more relaxed.

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