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9:23 a.m. 2012-06-09

scary moment

My Peachfront Conures have a special call to alert me to cats. I just now heard the call but, when I went out to the bird porch, I scanned the yard and didn't see any of the nuisance cats in their usual places. Yet, the birds continued to scold in that characteristic way. "There's no cat--" I started to say, and suddenly a grey cat leaped out of the bushes and slammed himself against the hardware cloth wall of the aviary. My heart is still racing.

To add to the frenzy, the neighbors were unable to capture their feral cat when they moved away last month. They just moved to a different location in the same town, but they have abandoned it, because I saw it back in their now weedy and overgrown yard yesterday afternoon. Argh. So now we have a grumpy orange cat and a bad-tempered grey cat scouting out the yard.

It is not legal for people to allow their pets to run loose in this subdivision, but there was never been a day when everyone respected the law. Therefore, we have to play defense to keep our birds safe and secure. People, make sure your aviaries are secure. The cats are watching for any little weakness.

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