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2:04 p.m. 2014-05-10

the beginner's conure

Are peachfront conures the beginner's Aratinga? I think you can make a great argument that they are, whether you're looking for a single pet or a pair of small aviary parrots. I've been researching their availability around the world, and they really do seem to be one of the Aratinga species that has achieved enduring popularity.

Their advantages include 1) small size which allows them to be trained as shoulder pets, 2) a distinctive, lower-pitched voice which makes them less obnoxious screamers than many Aratingas, and 3) their affectionate nature which makes them good to train as a personal pet or to set up with a potential mate for a breeding project.

If my own experience is any guide, with four of seven peachfront babies I bred still alive well into their twenties, they are also an unusually long-lived species for a smaller parrot. Of the three others, two died in their middle to late teens.

On the other side, you could argue that it costs the same to house and feed a Peachfronted conure as it does to house and feed a Jenday or a Sun Conure, two far more colorful species. If you ultimately plan to breed and resell some of your babies, then you could argue that it would be better to work from the beginning with the species you will need to earn a decent profit. Since I'm not interested in making money with my conures, I don't care about the financial argument. For me, I'm happy to sacrifice the flashy feathers of the Sun Conure to get a more pleasant voice. But it all depends on what is most important to you.

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