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8:53 a.m. 2012-07-13

from encyclopedia of conures: the aratingas

Thomas Arndt's Encyclopedia of Conures: The Aratingas, with the English translation � 1982 from T.F.H. Publications, is definitely worth the time of any fan of the Peachfronted Conure. The information is still valid, and there is a charming painting of the smaller subspecies putting up a foot to ward off the larger subspecies, as well as an equally charming large photograph of a Peachfront "customizing" (destroying!) some fabric. Further toward the back, there is a second large photograph of two adult Peachfronts snuggling together...so cute and it catches their strong pair bond perfectly.

Arndt says many nice things about the lovely and intelligent Peach-fronted Conure. Here are two excerpts that caught my eye:

  • "It is intelligent, not too loud, and even an older bird becomes quite tame...Once it has become accustomed to its keeper, it can be taken along everywhere, riding on one's shoulder."
  • "The first breeding was achieved in 1880 by J. Wensel in Danzig. The birds bred in an aviary which measured only 1.5 x 1.4 x 0.5 m[eters]...Peach-fronted Conures...are among the most easily bred Aratinga species and will happily raise offspring in not too small an aviary."

Lots more good, solid, experienced-based information, fine illustrations, especially for the day when many publishers would not fill a book with expensive color paintings, maps, and photographs. All in all, a valuable book for all conure owners, not just Peachfront owners.

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