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9:58 a.m. 2016-06-11

Busy Spring for Peachfront Conures!

I can't believe I forgot to update for such an eventful series of months. Here's what is going on in the wild, whacky world of the peachfront conures:

1. Courtney and Ronnie turned 26 years old. You go, guys. That's an amazing age for two small peachfronts.

2. We set both pairs up in brand new wheeled cages to replace their aging flights. At their age, they are not really flying any more, and the cages set up to encourage them to fly were making them work really, really, REALLY hard to climb and walk everywhere they wanted to go.

3. Both pairs loved the new quarters and got busy chewing/customizing their new roostboxes. 4. I did NOT put cork lining in the roosts, because I didn't want to encourage them to breed. However, an inintended consequence of all the excitement is that Sheldon and Ronnie were stimulated to mate several times, and Ronnie ended up laying two eggs. At their age, with the lack of various ingredients needed to make breeding easy for them, it's no surprise the eggs were clear. But I let her sit on them a couple of weeks to work out the broody urges.

5. Although Dale did not lay eggs, Courtney and Dale also displayed some courting/mating behavior, and Dale spent about ten days sitting in her roostbox on "invisible" imaginary eggs.

6. Now summer is here, and I hope to get caught up on posting my photographs. Many of them are already posted on Instagram. I just have to transfer them over.

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