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2:08 p.m. 2016-10-08

courtney becomes a hand pet

I haven't updated in some time, and I really should. In the aftermath of Dale's sudden death, Courtney became very quiet. I gave him space to recover. When I noticed him trying to gain attention from Sheldon and Ronnie, I knew he was ready to form a new pair bond.

Considering his age-- 26-1/2 years-- I thought it would be quite the challenge to transform him from aviary bird to hand pet. The truth is... it has been very easy. He always knew how to step up. He just wasn't inclined to do it when he had another peachfront to impress.

So once I began the new lessons, he really impressed me because he was stepping up and riding the stick from the first day. Now he regularly gets on my arm and finger, and sometimes he slides up my shoulder. He also enjoys sitting near me on his playpen while I work on the computer.

Two things he won't do-- he will not eat out of my hand, and he will not allow me to scratch his head. But otherwise he seems to truly enjoy and look forward to coming out to be with me.

My next challenge: Cookie, my Amazon, has been expressing some jealousy. I had hoped that both of them could come out at the same time but, right now, Cookie will not come out if Courtney is out. Give it time.

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